Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Alba's Christening

We've just returned from a month long holiday in Scotland. During that month we had a hen party, a wedding, a christening and lots of trips out visiting friends and family. It was a busy month but we had lots of fun.

We decided before Alba was born that we wanted to have her christened in Scotland by the same minister who married Matteo and I. Originally the idea was to have the christening in our local church but since it was undergoing repairs the minister suggested doing the christening at my parents' house, just like our wedding two years ago. The weather wasn't warm enough to have the service outside this time but we had it in the living room which looks out at the same view we had during our wedding ceremony. It was perfect, such an intimate event with just our family and close friends around. Afterwards we enjoyed an afternoon tea with cream scones, cup cakes and meringues. 

Our wedding photographer, Craig McBeth, very kindly agreed to come and photograph the event and we got some lovely shots of the star of the show. 

Now that we're home again and getting back into some sort of routine I'm planning to get back into blogging again. I've got so much I want to share, most excitingly the progress of our home renovation! It wall all depend though on how much spare time a certain little madam will allow me!! 

Lots of love to you all

Sarah Elizabeth x x x 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

International Herald Tribune

I was very excited a couple of days ago to see a message from Susie of the blog Palazzo Pizzo to say that my blog was mentioned in an article in the International Herald Tribune. The article is about expatriates, home renovating and blogging. There was just a tiny mention of Sarah Elizabeth but I'm quite proud all the same. You can see an extract of the article on Susie's blog which was also featured.

I'm currently in Scotland on a long holiday with Alba but while we've been away I'm pleased to say that actual work on our house has finally started. It's been a long process getting all of the planning permissions required but we're finally there and the fun stuff can begin! I'm looking forward to finally sharing with you some of the work.

Sarah Elizabeth x x x