Friday, 10 February 2012

Winter is here!

After an unusually mild few months winter has arrived in Umbria. It's snowing outside and bitterly cold. We've just returned from a 2 week trip to Scotland where the temperatures for once were not that different to here in Italy. 

I must apologise for my long absence. I've been totally absorbed in motherhood! Little Alba is growing so fast and I'm making the most of every second. She is an absolute joy and I just love being a mummy so much. People ask me if I miss being able just to go out when I feel like it and do the things I want. I can honestly say that I don't. This is such a short time in my little girls life and I'm enjoying the cuddles while I can!

Whilst I'm loving these quiet days with my baby I'm afraid it doesn't make for very interesting blogging. My days are filled with nappy changing, washing, cuddles and singing lullabies. It's absolute bliss for me but I'm sure not so interesting for the rest of you to read about.  

So, my posts will probably continue to be a bit sporadic for now. Thank you to those of you who have continued to send me messages and comments even though I'm so bad at replying. You are all in my thoughts often I just have a very pretty little bundle who distracts me from my computer and prevents me from keeping up to date with you all. Who could resist this little cutie?