Sunday, 8 November 2009


I've only recently discovered the inspirational world of blogging and decided I'd give it a go. My fiancee and I are about to start work on a 16th century property in Italy. My main reason for starting a blog is to keep a record of our progress on the house and to share ideas and inspiration with others. I'm also planning a wedding and working as a teacher so there may be bits and pieces about those projects too. I'll start off with a picture of our house as it is now. There will be more pictures and details to follow.

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- Suzie - said...

Cara Sarah,
congratulations to all your decisions!
The wedding, the house, the blog!
Sounds all very exciting.
The house looks fantastic - very romantic - as your profile picture ;-)
Looking forward to read about your projects,
Suzie from Palazzo Pizzo