Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wedding Invitations

When Matteo and I got engaged last April and I started making wedding plans I decided that I wanted to make all of the wedding stationary myself. Now that the wedding is 3 months away and we have to send out the invitations in a months time I'm starting to regret that decision!

The problem is that I'm unable to make a decision about anything. I've seen so many beautiful invitations online and I was unable to decide how I wanted to do mine. However, finally we settled on an idea that we thought would be simple to make and not too expensive to produce.

Yesterday I set aside the whole day to concentrate on ordering the materials for the invitations. I searched all over the internet for the kind of card I wanted without a lot of success. Either it was the wrong colour, the wrong size, the wrong price or it was out of stock. When I finally did find what I was looking for the company wouldn't post to Italy. In the end I went back to the very first website I'd looked on and ordered ready cut and folded cards and envelopes from there. They're a bit smaller than I wanted but otherwise ok.

I still have all the other bits and pieces of materials to find and no doubt I'll go through the same long process. However, at least we're making progress and I feel a bit less stressed.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures for the invitations.

When searching for card I came across this amazing company in Wales which makes paper from sheep poo! I would have ordered it for our invitations but it was a bit expensive once you added on postage to Italy. I'll hopefully be able to use some for other things such as the menus or the order of service.

Today it's been pouring with rain most of the day which scuppered our plans for a day out to a local antiques fair. Typical since yesterday I had to spend all day indoors working on the computer when it was brilliant sunshine outside! However, at least I had a reasonably productive day. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of the final product before too long.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend xx


Cathy said...

Your inspiration pictures are truly lovely, hope it goes smoothly with organising the invitations. I truly did a double take, and re-read about the sheep poo paper - I have never heard of that before.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sarah Elizabeth,
I know what you mean, sometimes there are so many pretty ideas out there it's hard to decide. The first stamped image and the little book style invitation is really nice.
Don't worry it will all click into place and be wonderful. Anxious to see your final choices.
Good evening,

Sara Louise said...

I love all of the styles in the pictures, I would have gone for something similar if we had ended up doing a big wedding. Can't wait to see your final choices :-)
Sheep poo... too funny!

Flick, said...

All beautiful pictures, I'm sure they are going to turn out perfectly! Handmade is always so much sweeter and personal, I can't wait to see them. Making the final decisions is always the hardest part, just go with what makes you smile the most!
:) Flick

Roseanna said...

Very creative, lovely! Handmade to be treasured.

Michelle said...

These are cute wedding cards.

Rosaly Raimondi said...

Hi Sarah!
I found your blog and loved to see where you live and get to know about your wedding plans! My dream is to live in Italy too, but this is still a dream for the moment. But I am getting closer! :)
Looking forward to your news postings and pictures!

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