Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Work in Progress

Some of you may remember that a very very very long time ago we began plans to renovate a 500 year old property which belongs to my husbands family.

If you walk by the house today this is what you will see.......

The sign says "Do not enter"

But we'll just ignore the sign and take a little peak inside.

They had to completely knock down the stairs in front and rebuild them.

They've reinforced existing doors and windows and knocked through new ones.

In this past week they have taken out the floor between the two levels and completely taken off the old roof.

Now, you can see blue sky from my kitchen!

Seriously, I think it would have been easier to knock the whole thing flat and rebuild it from scratch.

But that would have been no fun!

Hopefully in the next few days they will be putting on the new roof. We've saved every last tile and brick and everything will be re-used where possible. My father-in-law is painstakingly cleaning each individual roof tile to reveal their beautiful colour.

The work is reaching a really exciting stage, where big changes are happening and they are starting to put the puzzle back together again. It's quite incredible how quickly things can move when everything goes according to plan. We have a great team of builders who are doing a fantastic job and my father-in-law is there every day over-seeing the work. For him it's a labour of love, bringing back to life the house he grew up in.

And the next generation is waiting patiently for her new house to be ready!

Happy days!!
Sarah Elizabeth x 


Sarah B said...

What a huge labour of love! It is true, it would be much easier to bulldoze it all and start from scartch, but nothing easy was worth having. It will be truly amazing when it's all finished. Please keep showing us the progress :)

Amanda said...

Oh wow, what a huge undertaking!! The end result will be so worth it, so meaningful for your family and so rewarding. Can't wait to see more photos along the way x

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

So exciting to see your renovations under way and brings back memories of our own, especially building a staircase!

Loree said...

Wow that is incredible. I do not know if I would be so brave to take on such a huge project. But I am sure that the outcome will be worth every effort.

Pet said...

Good god, good luck. And show as the progress on the house, now and then. It would be nice to see.

Taylor said...

Best of luck on your construction endeavor! Hard, but will be well worth it. :) I love that to live in Italy and I really can't fathom how I was not following you before. Ciao from your newest gfc followers :))))

Sara Louise said...

Thanks for the update Sarah! I've been wondering how things were going. I'm so happy that you've got a good team of builders and things seem to be moving along so well. Keep us posted x

Hannah said...

500 years old?!?! That is so incredibly amazing!!! I've ALWAYS wanted to live in an old home and 500 years...wow...just wow. I hope you continue posting updates!