Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Camping with a Baby

It is very very hot here, at least 40°C and with a horrible hot wind. So at the weekend we decided to escape the heat and head off into the fresh air of the mountains. My husband and I both enjoy camping but were nervous about taking a 10 month old. We needn't have worried. It was really easy and Alba took it all in her stride as if she was already a seasoned camper. She loves being outdoors and was restless at home being stuck inside because of the heat. 

Bed time stories in the tent..........

Raring to go as soon as the sun was up......

 The field where we camped.

Ready for a hike in the mountains

We were joined by some cows for part of our walk

And some ponies much to Alba's (and my) delight!

Playing outside the tent

It was such a great weekend, I wish we could go back every weekend until this heat passes. We are positively melting at the moment. I'm usually a sun worshipper but the heat is not so much fun when you have a baby. Next year we'll be spending our summer in Scotland!

For those of you living in hot climates how do you survive the heat?


Loree said...

We don't really survive it, we just bear it. I am tired of the heat this year. It's been way too much. Thankfully we spent a weekend in cool, drizzly Cornwall at the beginning of July. I was in heaven.

Sarah B said...

It rarely gets that hot here in Tasmania, maybe once every summer or so, so we just lock up the house to keep it cool inside. Scotland sounds like a good idea!
It's nice to get away. I haven't camped in such a long time!

Ellen said...

I must have been a wimp as we stopped camping after our first daughter. I know, I know...silly. Truth be told I guess I'm not the biggest camper. Still...I love the mornings when camping and the evenings with a campfire.

Once you begin maybe it will become a tradition of where you go to each year..or find new places of escape!

We are lucky where we live as we have some relief of heat with the fog from the coast. Hope some cooling relief comes your way.

Sara Louise said...

The heat these past couple of weeks has been dreadful hasn't it? An escape to the mountains was an excellent idea x

Sini said...

This heat is awful, we are stuck in apartment that is hotter than outside, with a water leakage to fix. I wish we could escape too!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I miss drizzle! It rained here today so it's a nice and 'cool' 30°C!

Linda @ Ice Tea For Me said...

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and there are times when we go 2-3 weeks at a time at 110-115F, cooling off to us is 105F. :o) How do we survive??? You go from air conditioned house to car to work to mall to house. If you have a pool it even gets to be too warm to be refreshing, I've heard people buy blocks of ice to throw in them when taking a swim. Misters on patios help. You would be amazed at how many people will be out exercising in the middle of the day, they're crazy. You do have to be careful with heat stroke and drink a lot of water.

It's a dry heat (5% or less humidity) which means when you're not standing in the direct sun it's bearable.

We put up with the heat for 5 months to have wonderful winters (Low 30-40F; High 60-70F) for 5 months.

Amanda said...

Wow, well done for taking a 10 month old camping, I was nervous about taking Sophie to a self-contained chalet when we went away :) I agree, heat plus babies is no fun at all. Last summer, we had scorching 40+ days that seems never ending too. Sophie spent most of her time in just a nappy :) Only tips I have are air conditioning and cool baths for water playtime fun :)