Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Slow Progress

When we began our house renovation I knew it would be a slow process but I wasn't prepared for the months and months of waiting around for something to happen. These pictures were taken over a month ago and since then nothing has happened. The builders are off on other jobs and each day that goes by we're wasting money renting the scaffolding and other equipment. It makes me want to cry and almost makes me wish we'd never started in the first place. 

There was great excitement a month ago when the new roof was finished. The roofers did a fabulous job and I really felt like we were getting somewhere. And now we're at a complete standstill again and facing yet another winter living with the in-laws, our 4th since we began our project. It really is depressing.

On the positive side, look how beautiful our new roof is!


Sarah said...

Builders are a nightmare the world over I think.

In France it's well known that couples who have a house built find it so stressful that many end up in the divorce courts. I even know of one builder who built his own house and ended up getting a divorce!

The roof does look lovely, the detailing is very pretty. Bon courage for what follows, you'll need lots of it dealing with builders. :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

It all be worthwhile in the end, although I can empathise with just how you are feeling at the moment.

Sarah B said...

It must be so frustrating, especially when every day is costing you money that could go into the materials, instead of scaffolding hire and so on.
The roof looks beautiful though!

Cody Charlebois said...

It really is beautiful! I understand the frustration, that always comes with renovations. Just think of the phrase: "This too shall pass" to get rid of the depression and focus on the other, more positive things, like enjoying time with your family. If you'll have a mindset like that, it'll be done before you know it!

...Tabiboo... said...

That roof is amazing - I guess the making goes in the construction. It will be beautiful.

Nina x