Saturday, 2 February 2013

Feeling Inspired

For weeks and weeks I have abandoned my blog, lacking inspiration, time and energy to post anything or even to read the blogs that I usually love. I don't know why today I suddenly feel inspired to post again but I'm hoping that the feeling will last!

In recent weeks we have been busy trying to choose floor tiles and bathrooms for our house. Work is still moving along at a snail's pace but at least I'm finally getting to choose some of the interior fittings. We're preparing to start the plumbing work and so we've been concentrating on bathrooms the past few weeks.

It's really important for me to get the bathroom just right. I hate using a dirty bathroom but I also hate cleaning bathrooms! So, we're trying to come up with solutions to make the bathroom as easy to clean as possible.

I want to share with you some of the bathroom features we're considering and ask your opinions on how practical they are.

The above picture from Velvet & Linen is pretty much what we're aiming for, clean, simple, light - perfection! I love the shower with just a simple glass screen and the shower head coming straight out of the wall. However, I'm wondering if it would be useful also to have a hose attachment, like in the picture below (from here), for cleaning or for showering little people! What do you think?

As for the sinks, we'd really like to have basins which sit on top of an old piece of furniture like in the pictures below (from here and here). Those of you who have sinks like this do you find them practical? Does water splash out everywhere? And, is it better to have the taps coming directly from the wall as in the first picture or from behind the basin as in the second picture?

It's such a hard task making decisions like these especially if, like me, you are an indecisive perfectionist! If you have any tips or ideas I'd love to hear from you.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Lots of love

Sarah Elizabeth x x x


Anne said...

This is the exciting part, I am sure it will all turn out beautifully. I love the hose attachment thingy for washing my little people.

caroline said...

Definitely need a separate shower hose for rinsing little people, makes life much easier. Love the sinks, whatever you do, don't buy glass ones, they are a nightmare to keep clean. Can't wait to see the photos when its all done xxx

Sarah said...

What lovely photos.

You definitely need the shower hose.

I suppose you'd have to be very careful about water marks if you place the sink on wood - make sure it's well protected.

I would have a mixer tap, too. Having a hot and cold looks good but it's very impractical really, and with a mixer you only need one hand so you can hold a child's cut finger with one, and turn on the tap with the other. :)

Personally, I don't like taps being too far away from the sink, so not on the wall, and if something starts to leak behind the wall, you have to take the whole wall apart to fix it! said...

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Sini said...

I love the bathrooms that has plenty of place, it needs enough counter space too and a proper place to store towels and stuff. I would choose a shower what is on the ground (don't know if I can explain this well) not one with the borders around or a cabin.

I hope you find back the inspiration to blog, it's been too long!!

Kelly said...

I love the basin on top look. So clean and classic. Make sure to show us "after" photos!

My Brave True Hero said...

The place is very clean and pleasant, it is a perfect place to pamper yourself.

Amanda said...

Such fun choosing all these fittings and fixtures. I've always loved the look of basins on top of an old table or cabinet. We were at Paul's uncle's holiday house last week and the detachable hose fitting on the shower was very handy! x

ally said...

What a beautiful home you're building
I'd definitely go for the hose attachment
I suspect taps behind the basin as opposed to on the wall are easier to fix if anything goes wrong!

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