Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wedding Plans

There's not much happening on the house front at the moment. Matteo is busy drawing plans on the computer using the measurements we made. He's doing an amazing job considering he's never used the programme before and the plans are looking great.

I thought I'd share some of our wedding plans since there's no house news. Matteo and I are getting married on 7th August 2010 in Scotland. The ceremony will take place in my parent's garden surrounded by the Scottish hills. We will then have drinks and canapes in the garden before going to our local rugby club for some good food followed by lots of music and dancing. We are going for a vintage country garden theme. Here's some of my inspiration:

I'm aiming for a relaxed atmosphere like this stunning wedding which I came across at Beautiful Things to Share I love the hay bales for seating and the horses in the background.

adore this picture, it's just so dreamy and magical.

Some lovely refreshing homemade lemonade for after the ceremony because obviously on my wedding day there will be
glorious sunshine and not a typical Scottish downpour (I'm determined to remain optimistic about the weather!)

I plan to have a few games in the garden to keep people occupied while we have photos taken, croquet, petanque......any other ideas?

I'm in love with these tea light holders.

I've collected so many more pictures and am bursting with ideas, it's so much fun organising a wedding and I can't wait to put all of these ideas into action x x


Rebecca said...

i love the tealights, and the lovely light in those photos. hope the weather is good for you!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour! Great photos. My family and I played croquet when I was a little girl - what a fabulous idea for the wedding!

Heather Cameron said...

that sounds so dreamy - can I come! I'll help decorate and set up - I'm good at that!