Friday, 4 December 2009

Holiday Weekend

I have Monday and Tuesday off work next week because the 8th December is the Festa dell'Immacolata Concezione (feast of the Immaculate Conception). I have lots of Christmassy things planned. First of all I want to go to Florence to do some Christmas shopping. I fell in love with Florence the first time I went there on holiday several years ago. I still can't believe how lucky I am to live a 2 hours train journey from this magical city.

Next thing on the list is to do my Christmas clean and put up my Christmas decorations. At the moment we are living in an appartment in Matteo's parents' house which we share with his sister and her boyfriend (it's cosy!). This is not an ideal sitiation but we need to save money for the house renovation. His family don't really go in for Christmas decorations so I'll have to limit my decorating to our bedroom. I like using as many decorations from nature as possible and last year I collected loads of pinecones from the nearby woods. I just put them in a big basket with some greenery and some tea lights and they looked amazing. Here are some pictures of last years decorations when we lived in a beautiful appartment in the centre of Perugia. (sorry about the poor photo quality)

Also on the list is Christmas card making. Every year I decide to make my own Christmas cards and then never get round to it so this year is going to be the one I actually do it. I just need to find some inspiration.

Hopefully after all of this I'll still have time to put my feet up next to the fire with a cup of tea and finish off some of the Christmas presents I'm knitting.

Have a good weekend x


Fay said...

Hello, thanks for following my blog! I've just been having a read of yours, what an exciting year you have ahead of you. The house looks ace, I can't wait to follow your renovations to it. I hope you have a fun weekend of christmas crafting, I'm hoping to start my cards on sunday too, I make them every year and get rather competitive with myself to make them better than the year before!! Fay x

Louisa May said...

Hello Sarah

Paul and I had an afternoon of crafting yesterday - we made some carrot stamps (we didn't have any potatoes left!) in the shape of a star, a candle and a baby jesus (this was Paul's idea and looked remarkably like a jelly baby). Maybe you could try another type of vegetable printing?


♥ Katinka said...

Hey, I don't know how I got here but I thought I'd leave a comment :)
Very cute blog!!! :)