Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Challenge of the Utmost Kind - monthly update

I'm one month into my Challenge of the Utmost Kind inspired by Tif of Dottie Angel and I'm proud to say that in this month I haven't bought a single new thing. I satisfied my shopping urges by going to a local flea market and I've been working on my knitting so that I can hopefully soon provide myself with some of the clothes I need. I'm also learning to crochet. The next couple of months are going to be more difficult to get through with Christmas coming up. I haven't started making any of my Christmas presents yet and am a bit lacking in inspiration. If anyone has any ideas of things I can knit, sew or crochet for gifts then please let me know.

Finally, I wanted to share with you the latest video produced by The Story of Stuff Project. It has inspired me to keep going with my challenge.


Olga said...

Hi, Sara Elizabeth !

Here are some links you could check out. Maybe they'll help. Good luck!

Amanda said...

It sounds like you've done really well with the start of your challenge - I'm very impressed!! Christmas will be a tough one though - if I come across any good ideas for prezzies you could make I'll let you know...

Sarah said...

I'm also very impressed with your challenge. But you have to buy the yarn and thread, or do you unravel old pullies? :)

You could make up a calender with your own photos. There are various websites that do that. I think VistaPrint will do it free if you pay the postage.

I buy hardly any clothes new. I have a personal flea shopper who comes to my house with bags of used clothes in my size and taste. I invite my friend round and we have a fab girly time trying on stuff and having a good laugh.

When you have teenage kids though, buying them used stuff is very poorly regarded. I compensate by buying in private sales on the internet instead.

Good luck with the challenge as Christmas approaches! :)

Daydream Living said...

Hi Sarah Elizabeth!
I think you are doing a wonderful thing, one month in already, great! For presents, have you looked on some of the christmas blogs? I have two on my sidebar and my friend crochets (is this the right way to spell it?), she makes blankets or heart and uses ribbons with it. A banner is always a nice idea to give or a photoframe made with fabric or a photobook with a handmade cover... Hopefully it will help, good luck and I look forward reading more about this challenge. (I personally buy a lot of things second hand, so from Switzerland I will root you on!)
Maureen x

Leanne in Italy said...

Hmmm...original presents. You could find an old, ugly picture frame, and then crochet a border, and cover the ugly frame with a lovely crocheted one... I have not done this, or seen this but it just popped into my head so really may not work at all!

Also I thought of you today as I was cleaning the bathroom! Whilst reading my baby magazine the other day, I came across a 2 page spread with info on how to wash your whole house with just water, bicarb or vinegar! I washed the shower today with 150ml vinegar to 300 ml very hot water which the article said to put into a spray bottle. Then you have to throw boiling water on the walls to clear them. The came out quite well as the walls even with super chemicals is always a bit 'dirty' looking.

I am going to try the other suggestions next time I clean. My partner and I have agreed not to buy cleaning products anymore, especially now that we are expecting. It is also better for me to clean without chemicals as breathing them in is SO bad for you. My mother in law came over to help me clean today, and she was using some toxic stuff on the sink and I had to leave the room the smell was just so over-powering.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Olga - thanks for those links, I'll enjoy browsing through them to look for ideas.

Amanda - thanks for your support in my challenge - I need all the help I can get!

Sarah - I like the idea of making a calendar so I'll be checking out that website. My challenge allows me to buy 'tools' such as wool, thread etc. so that I can make my own clothes. However, where possible I will use ethical products such as fairtrade cotton, locally produced naturally died wool etc. I will also be trying to use up my small stash of left over wool and fabric.

Daydream Living - thanks for the ideas - I'll have a look through those Christmas blogs this weekend.

Leanne - that's great that you've decided to stop buying cleaning products. I'm sure the benefits on your health and your baby's health will be huge. My mother-in-law loves toxic cleaning too!!

Sara Louise said...

One month down! Go Sarah! Super good for you :-)
And I hope you show us some of your knitting x

Riviera Wedding Planner said...

Just discovered your lovely blog, love it. Can't wait to get to know you better.
Love xxx

Anne Dye said...

Thanks for sharing! We too are attempting to cut down on all the stuff, not sure if I can go as far as making all of our clothes but I am inspired to do better than we have been.