Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The kitchen is in!

Hello All,

I'm not sure if there is anyone still reading here but just in case anyone was looking for house updates I thought I'd post with the latest photos of our kitchen. We had it made by Le Cucine dei Mastri but with the sink and worktop from Ikea. It was fitted the day that we left to come to Scotland for the Summer so I haven't actually seen it yet! 

And here are a few pictures of our beautiful girl enjoying her Summer holidays in Scotland........

Happy days.......................x x x 


Sarah said...

Lovely kitchen. Will there be a separate fridge or is it integrated?

Lovely pics of your beautiful daughter too. :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Sarah. There is a small fridge and a dishwasher both integrated. We have a separate utility room/pantry just off the kitchen where we will have a larger fridge freezer. We wanted to keep the units to a minimum in the main kitchen so as to keep it more open and not ruin the effect of the arch.

Amanda said...

It looks lovely!! Bet you can't wait to use it now. And Alba is gorgeous... she's grown so much xx

Sorry said...

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sini said...

Hey Darling! I just saw now your update here. The house looks amazing and your daughter is already so big! Time flies by.

I hope you are well. I moved a year ago back to my home country Finland from France, and stopped blogging (bons baisers de france) for a while. Maybe this new will catch fire ;)