Thursday, 6 August 2015

No Plum 'Plum Cake'

Today Alba and I made our very first 'Plum Cake'. 

Now this is a cake that really confuses me. It's a common cake here, eaten often by kids for 'merenda' (snack). The strange thing is is that it doesn't actually contain any plums. I'm not sure either why they use an English name for a cake that, as far as I know, doesn't exist in the English speaking world. We have a glut of plums here so it would have made sense to make an actual cake with plums. Instead we had a yummy afternoon snack of 'plum' cake with plums on the side. 

Does anyone know why plum cake is called plum cake? And any ideas of what I can do with all these plums?!


Sarah Elizabeth


1 comment:

Marian M said...

What a mystery! The no-plum plum cake looks lovely though.
Enjoying your latest blogs, Sarah :)