Wednesday, 13 January 2010

House update

Things are still going slowly with the house. We are currently getting all the paperwork together ready to submit our plans for planning permission. The house currently belongs to Matteo's aunt so before we can do anything we have to change the property into Matteo's name. This will involve a fairly hefty solicitor's fee and probably a hundred forms to sign and seal. I'm starting to get really frustrated not being able to do anything. I just want to get in there and get the work started but it will be a while yet before we get going. For now I'll have to content myself with planning what I'll do with each of the rooms.

These pictures are of the first room you enter into when you go through the front door. At the moment I'm calling it 'The Library'. It probably won't be used much as a living room because we'll have our main living space downstairs. It can't really be used as a bedroom because the front door enters into here. So, I want to use it as a place to store all of my books and as a work room come study. We'll also put a bed settee in there so it can be used as a spare room when we have visitors.

I really want to keep this fire place and put a wood burning stove in but it depends on what state the chimney is in. The little room in the corner will become a linen cupboard.

We will take this false ceiling out to expose the beams and make the ceiling much higher.

On this part of the floor you can see the old tiles which were replaced with a horrible tile in the 60s. I'm hoping that the original tiles may still be underneath.

I love the external staircase and the front door even if it is a bit awkward having the front door leading into the upstairs. We'll have a garden door downstairs which will probably be what we use most often.


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sarah,
What a wonderful project - a big but wonderful project. I love the whole process, and then seeing the final result is on of the best feelings in the world!
Happy renovations!

Elenka8791 said...

My name Elena. I'm from Russia. 2 years I live in California, USA.
When I lived home I saw a lot of foreign romantic films. I saw similar houses, but I guess it's can't be truth... You have house of my dream) You are very happy person !!!
Good like

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. Elena, you are right, I'm a very happy person. My dreams are coming true right now.

Kellie Collis said...

Sounds very exciting, despite the occasional hiccup. I look forward to seeing how things progress! x

LindyLouMac said...

So interesting as it seems your house is similar to ours. We have an external staircase to the front door and have turned the room into a library/study. we had to put an internal staircase in to link upstairs and downstairs! Have been renovating for the last year, you may find the photos of interest, if you have the time to look they can be found here.

kimberly at mimicharmante said...

I must tell you my dear - I have gone back and read through your renovation posts and am green with envy. Well, part of me is green, part of me can only imagine how impatient I would be with working on such a big project. But oh, the beauty of that old home when you are finished! What a place to grow old in - all of that history! I look forward to following along and seeing your project progress!