Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I know that we are almost in February but it's taken me all this time to work out what my New Years resolutions are. Every year I make elaborate plans for what I want to achieve in the year and I never ever stick to them.Last year I wrote about 5 pages in my journal full of plans to lead a healthier, greener, more organised life. I think I was setting unobtainable goals. So, this year I've decided to make it more simple. I've written a list of 12 things that I have to do at least once every week. All of the things will help me towards my bigger goals but in smaller, easier steps. This is a big year for me, I'm getting married, renovating a house and possibly helping to open a new school. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed by all of this and that's why I need to keep to my little 'bitesized' weekly tasks. Here they are:

1. Write at least one blog post.

2. Try out one new activity / song / game at school.

3. Read for at least 1 hour.

4. Go for a walk.

5. Cook a new dish.
6. Spend at least 1 hour crafting.
7. Skype with family.
8. Go out for a drink.
9. Do housework (not the usual every day stuff but something that will make a difference to my flat such as cleaning out a cupboard or reorganising my wardrobe)
10. Visit the house we are renovating to check on progress
11. Have a long lie.
12. Treat myself. (only if I've completed all of the tasks for the week before)

My big projects of the house, wedding and school have whole other lists of things that need to be done every week. However, this list is about being more organised with my time and making sure I fit in all the things I enjoy doing such as going out for walks or reading. It's all too easy just to slump in front of the TV after a stressful day but that's what I want to avoid.

I hope that by writing this list on my blog it will push me into sticking to my resolutions this time!

(Sorry, I ran out of steam with the photos after number 4. I find it really difficult and time consuming to put photos in my post. They always go in at the start of the post, before the text and it's really difficult to move them round after that. Any tips?)


life and the memoirs said...

Hi Sarah Elizabeth,
I can relate. I too in the past have had a tendency to set goals which in the end were too 'big' to sustain and achieve. I like the idea of weekly 'bitesize' goals. Hopefully more achieveable.

In 2010 some of my goals are similar to yours. For me, to start (and now maintain!) a blog, menu plan for each week, try a new recipe each week, a brisk morning walk at least 2 times a week, more reading time!, maintain an organised and tidy home and continue with my study and newspaper commitments (oh and not leave assignments and stories to the deadline!!).
In the written form my goals seem quite easy to achieve but somehow in reality aren't as simple to achieve. Daily life comes into play!

I'm a novice blogger, unfortunately I can't answer your question about the posting of photos. I'll be checking in though to see if I can pick up some tips! I've wondered how to do this also.

Enjoy your day :)

yoli said...

good luck with your goals

Sara Louise said...

Smaller to do lists are definitely the way to go. I'm a nut though, nothing makes me happier than crossing something off my to do list.

Posting pictures are a pain,I don't know if there is an easier way to move them, I was manually moving them until I copped on that I could copy and paste them and that made it go quicker.

Best of luck with your 12 to do's!

Amanda said...

What a great list to follow - I too find new year's resolutions being forgotten soon into the year so don't have one for this year. My goal is just to be a good mum and wife and to be more organised. I think your list is really sensible - I could definitely take a leaf out of your book, especially with the walking and taking time to read. As for teaching, I'm a teacher too (currently on maternity leave) and I know it was always exciting to try out a new activity with your class, especially when it was something they really enjoyed. As for photos, I just drag them around but thisis something that drives me crazy too!! :)

Louisa May said...

i've figured out how to move pics around easily - go to 'edit html' at top right and it shows all the coding - identify which section relates to photos (try leaving big obvious gaps between photos and text) then cut and paste away! love xxx