Monday, 8 February 2010

No more spending.

Today is the first day of my 7 week spending hiatus. It was Engracia at Lynwood Musings who gave me the idea which she got from Simple Lovely. I've decided to stop spending unnecessary money until the Easter holidays, 7 weeks away. I am allowed to buy essential items such as food, toiletries, phone credit, petrol etc. and I can also spend money on experiences such as going to the cinema or out for dinner (I don't want to become a hermit!). The idea is to become more mindful of what I spend my money on and to try to 'make-do and mend' as much as possible. This is going to be a really expensive year for me - I need to save as much as possible so that I have enough money to do the house the way I want. I am not usually very good at saving, I'm easily tempted by pretty things and I love the feeling of having something new, so this is going to be a really tough challenge for me. Wish me luck!

This book from Cabbages and Roses is my Bible!
It has lots of useful tips about recycling, reusing,
home-made cleaning pruducts and remedies and so much more.
Hopefully it will help me through the next 7 weeks
although it does also tempt me to buy a lot of pretty things from their shop!


Janette said...

Hi Sarah, I've found your blog via Engracia's. Your house you are renovating is amazing! We don't even have any buildings that old in Australia so I know I'm going to be facinated by journey! All the best, Janette x

life and the memoirs said...

Hi Sarah Elizabeth, good luck with your challenge over the next 7 weeks. It is such an awesome idea. I'll be interested to hear how you manage.
I really like the changes you've made to your blog, it looks lovely! Well done.
I've been trying (and trying) to add the LinkWithin feature to my blog - without any luck!! I'll keep trying, it can't be that difficult!!

Sara Louise said...

This book looks brill, thanks for putting on here.
Even though I live in a village in the middle of nowhere and no longer have my daily Starbucks fix (god I miss it!) it's amazing the cr*p I can still waste money on. I think I'm going to spend the money on the book (investment) and try to find a little inspiration in frugality x

Amanda said...

What a good challenge - that book looks like a good one - will have to have a search for it ... x

Tammy said...

Well, I can attest to saving upwards of 25 euro a month on cleaning supplies and laundry detergent since making my own starting last year. Your lungs will thank you for going green. The clothes come out wonderfully clean with homemade detergent. This frees up more money to buy pizza and focaccia at the local bakery! [mouth watering]

Joslyn said...

I'm so glad you're doing this too! strenght in numbers ;-)