Monday, 15 February 2010

St Valentine's in San Valentino

We decided not to exchange gifts for Valentine's Day this year since we are saving money but Matteo did take me out to a lovely little pizzeria in the nearby village of San Valentino - what better place to visit on Valentine's Day! Matteo is going to Australia tomorrow for 2 weeks with work so it was nice to have a romantic meal together before he leaves. This picture is one of my favourites of me with 'mio amore.' Hope you had a love filled Valentine's Day too.


Thea said...

That sounds so romantic! Because it's in ITALY!!
Love that photo. :)

Sara Louise said...

I think it's so great that because we live in Italy and France instead of Scotland and Ireland it seems like we stumble into puddles of romance everyday (my friends think so anyway). But I remind them that life here, is still just that, life, laundry still has to get done and dogs still have to be walked, nothing romantic about that. But then you go and celebrate Valentines Day in San Valentino, making pizza all romantic! Valentines in San Valentino! It's the most perfect Valentine ever!
Sweet photo by the way =)

Heather Cameron said...

so sweet.

Amanda said...

Lovely photo! I like doing something simple on Valentine's Day - my husband and I don't exchange gifts usually just do something nice together. Has Matteo been to Australia before? I'm sure he will love our beautiful country. Poor you though :( My husband went away recently and I've decided I definitely do not like living alone :)

Engracia said...

What a gorgeous photos Sarah Eliazbeth and what a wonderful place to cuddle up to someone. I hope Matteo has a great time here and gets a chance to do a bit of sight seeing.

PS thanks for mentioning my blog the other day. I look forward to your progress.

Sara Louise said...

Sarah Elizabeth - I've given you the One Lovely Blog award, come on by Le Petit Village and pick it up x