Saturday, 12 June 2010

Things that Make me Happy Part Six

6. Home

Although I love living in Italy, I will always consider the Border Land of Scotland as my real home.

"There's a spell in this Land of the Marches
In this Border that gave us our birth,
In this spot where the heaven's wide arch is,
Spread blue o'er the best of the earth!
'Tis the shrine where our hearts keep returning,
Wherever our feet may be led;
All our love on that alter lie burning,
All our song-wreaths around it are spread!"

The Land we Love by W. H. Ogilvie

These photos were taken just after Matteo proposed to me last Easter on a hill top looking down on the farm where I was brought up and which will always be my true home.


Flick, said...

What a beautiful poem, and a beautiful place... A magical place to call home. Those pics are lovely and how special that is where you got engaged!
:) Flick

McCarthy Designs said...

You certainly have a beautiful home! i can see why it would make you happy! xx

Flaviana said...

Hello Sarah Elizabeth
( I love your name!).. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and am so happy to know you
Well, this seems to be the perfect spot for THE proposal! I'm such a romantic..

I'm off to see your past posts now!
Have a lovely afternoon

Jeanne said...

I love what you love!! You have a great writing voice Sarah Elizabeth :)


Loree said...

Bonnie Scotland. I would love to visit some day. Too many beautiful places on my list - and not enough time ... or money :)